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The Six Sigma Management Institute was founded many years ago by Dr. Harry, the main architect of Six Sigma and an international expert in this field, whose research and success has been widely documented. Dr. Harry works with a number of well-established, highly renowned companies.

All the materials submitted are no doubt sufficient to demonstrate our high level of knowledge and the scope of our company.
Six Sigma Management seeks to maintain the high standing of its brand throughout the entire world, in particular in Europe, which is our key market. For this reason, the European division of the SSMI, managed by Fabrizio Majorana, was created. The core business of the SSMI by Mikel J. Harry, is the research, application and continuous development of the method itself.
The SSMI is indeed the only firm to have successfully crossed the borders of the canonical process and product in all areas of business. This method also covers the private sphere of personal wellbeing through "The Great Discovery" project, the business management sphere through the "Velocity of Value" programme applied to financial aspects, and also boasts the creation of a new figure, EMBB (Executive Master Black Belt).

Dr. Mikel J. Harry
Six Sigma
Management Institute Europe
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