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The Six Sigma Management Institute was founded many years ago by Dr. Harry, the main architect of Six Sigma and an international expert in this field, whose research and success has been widely documented. Dr. Harry works with a number of well-established, highly renowned companies.

All the materials submitted are no doubt sufficient to demonstrate our high level of knowledge and the scope of our company. Six Sigma Management seeks to maintain the high standing of its brand throughout the entire world, in particular in Europe, which is a key market. For this reason, the European division of the SSMI, managed by Fabrizio Majorana, was created.


The core business of the SSMI by Mikel J. Harry, is the research, application and continuous development of the method itself. The SSMI is indeed the only firm to have successfully crossed the borders of the canonical process and product in all areas of business.

This method also covers the private sphere of personal well-being through "The Great Discovery" project, the business management sphere through the "Velocity of Value" programme applied to financial aspects, and also boasts the creation of a new figure, EMBB (Executive Master Black Belt).


Late Dr. Mikel J Harry

Former President / Chairman of the Board - Six Sigma Management Institute Inc.


Dr. Harry has been widely acknowledged in many of today's major publications as the co-creator of Six Sigma and the world's leading expert in this field. His book entitled Six Sigma: "The Breakthrough Management Strategy Revolutionizing the World's Top Corporations", was included in the best seller list of the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business Week, and Amazon.com.


A consultant to many of the world’s leading companies, he has appeared as a guest on popular television programmes, such as the premiere NBC's "Power Lunch". He is often quoted in business journals such as The Economic Times and USA Today. In addition, Dr. Harry has received many distinguished awards in recognition of his contributions to industry and society.  


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Dr. Fabrizio Majorana

President / Managing Director - Six Sigma Management Institute Europe


Fabrizio Majorana is a Certified Executive Master Black Belt with a degree as a mechanical engineer. For eight years, he has been a member of the International Jury Committee for the Process Excellence Award. Thanks to his experience in several sectors, over eight years he has studied more than 108 companies and 230 projects from all industrial sectors, with the aim of reducing costs and developing process and product excellence.


Fabrizio has been an international speaker for some of the most important industrial events. He has worked at Allied Signal, General Electric, Ferrari, Maserati as a manager of quality processes and products, and at Unicredit Bank, following an experience managing the Formula One quality method.

Fabrizio began the Six Sigma journey in 1994, developing and implementing the programme at GE. He has trained thousands of Black Belt figures and has completed an incredible number of Lean Six Sigma projects both in service and manufacturing sectors. He has a professional background of considerable international significance, and has held numerous management positions over the years. As COO at Unicredit Bank he developed a complete quality programme, and as quality manager at Ferrari Formula One, he won 8 world championships. 


He is the author of the book written in 2012, "Lean Banking".


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Sandy Harry

Chairman / Managing Director - Six Sigma Management Institute Inc.


Sandy is a corporate Executive with 18+ years of proven experience in large-scale, national and international companies. She is a former CFO and holds an MBA from e-learning programs for business and life improvement.University of California, Irwine and is a certified Executive Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma from SSMI. She fortifies her mastery in strategic resource management, business optimization, and profitability. She enjoys her COO role overseeing and co-driving the successes of the Six Sigma Management Institute, The Great Discovery, Six Sigma Wings for Heroes She and travels the world educating the benefits of bench-marking from Dr. Mikel Harry’s Six Sigma


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Dumidu Ranaweera

President / Managing Director - Six Sigma Management Institute Asia

Dumidu is one of the well-known resources in the field of Lean Six Sigma and Business Excellence in the Asia region frequently featured as a speaker in many international forums. He has guided over 50+ plus organizations in both manufacturing and services across 8 countries in their business process excellence journey and known for his avid skills in Lean Six Sigma deployment and credentials in multiple business disciplines. He has mentored over 250+ process excellence projects across multiple domains and trained over 5000+ resources during his illustrative career

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