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Leadership Master Black Belt

The highest qualification in the field of Lean Six Sigma​

Program Architect

Dr. Harry has been widely recognized in many of today's notable publications as the Co-Creator of Six Sigma and the world's leading authority within this field. His book entitled Six Sigma: The Breakthrough Management Strategy Revolutionizing the World’s Top Corporations has been on the best-seller list of the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business Week, and Amazon.com. Dr. Harry has been a consultant to many of the world’s top CEOs, such as Jack Welch, former CEO and Chairman of General Electric Corporation.


Dr. Harry has also been a featured guest on popular television programs, such as the premiere NBC show Power Lunch. He is often quoted in newspapers like USA Today and interviewed by the media, such as The Economic Times. In addition, Dr. Harry has received many distinguished awards in recognition of his contributions to industry and society.

“We then brought in Mikel Harry, a former Motorola manager who was running the Six Sigma Academy in Scottsdale, Arizona. … I canceled our usual golf outing—a symbolic gesture if there ever was one—so that 170 of us could listen to Harry talk about his program … Harry’s presentation succeeded in capturing our imagination. I sensed [Six Sigma] was a lot more than statistics for engineers … At Six Sigma’s core is an idea that can turn a company inside out, focusing the organization outward on the customer.”

Jack Welch

Former CEO, General Electric

“Mikel Harry's innovation of the Breakthrough Strategy has taken quality into America's boardrooms.”

Gregory Watson

Former President, American Society of Quality


Program Description

The Leadership Master Black Belt Training and Certification Program is designed to prepare existing Lean Six Sigma Black and Green Belts for leading, expanding and sustaining an Integrated Continuous Improvement program. Of course, the aim of this initiative is to make substantial improvements in the core processes of a business enterprise that will strengthen and extend the total business value proposition.

The MBB program will provide you with the human and technical skills that are essential to design and launch a highly successful business improvement campaign – driven from the top-down or bottom-up. You will also learn the knowledge and skills that are needed to sustain the gains over time.

The MBB program is 10 days in total duration, The program is comprised of two main elements; namely, the live classroom component (5 days) and the laboratory experience (5 days).


The first 5 days of your EMBB training is delivered in a classroom. Through class interactions, exercises, and case studies, you will have the incredible opportunity to learn from the worlds best Six Sigma experts.


During the last 5 days, you will complete a series of challenging laboratory projects. You will also work with your respective team members via the Internet to unite the project pieces in a highly synergistic way.

EMBB Roles & Expectations


Path Finder

Critical Thinker

Influence Broker

Resource Negotiator

Plan, operate and thrive in the light of circumstantial ambiguity.

Distinguish what is essential from the non-essential.

Improvise effective solutions from existing resources.

Uncover patterns and connections within and between ideas.

Test the logic, reasoning, and rationality of proposed solutions.

Unify diverse opinions based on fact and scientific evidence.

Command the attention, respect and confidence of your superiors and peers. Leverage corporate politics to build vital relationships.

Foster connections between people and ideas for beneficial change.

Acquire scarce resources through the alignment of human needs.

Guide people to gratifying and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Bring about a set of conditions that constitute the idea of fairness.


Critical Thinker

Problem Solver

Data Analyst

Metrics Architect

Explore data in search of relationships between system parameters. 

Define the type of data required to satisfy a set of informational needs. 

Synthesize data into meaningful and actionable information

Assure the vertical correlation of business, operations and process metrics. Develop and publish a performance metrics manual.
Establish a common figure of merit for comparing dissimilar things.

Practice inductive and deductive reasoning.
Construct analogies to understand and communicate a problem.
Identify statistical search patterns for isolating cause-and-effect relationships.


Policy Maker

Improvement Catalyst

Strategic Advisor

Capture the Voice-of-Society to isolate new business opportunities.

Connect the Voice of the Customer to the Voice of Business.

Focus on the Quality of Business, not the Business of Quality.

Solidify and mobilize key people in a cohesive direction.
Create and propagate the initial impulse for change.
Design, build and sustain an ecosystem of business improvement.

Develop criteria to increase the velocity of delivered value.
Design and implement a process for creating policy.
Identify and integrate best practices into the fabric of the business.

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