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Everything you need to master Six Sigma, from the man who co-created it.

Inside this ultimate online reference resource, Dr. Mikel J. Harry, the co-creator of Six Sigma, provides thousands of videos, models, lessons, references, and more.​

"It's like having Dr. Harry as your personal Six Sigma coach as he brings three decades of experience and knowledge straight to your computer."

It's the ultimate all-in-one reference resource for Six Sigma Belts of all experience levels

As the co-creator of Six Sigma, Dr. Mikel J. Harry is the world’s leading authority on Six Sigma strategy and implementation. For over 30 years Dr. Harry has consulted with the largest companies in the world, and has saved companies billions of dollars. Would you want anyone else’s Six Sigma tools?


MindPro® Wizard is Dr. Harry’s personal toolbox to help with your Six Sigma implementation. Dr. Mikel J. Harry will guide you through every aspect of Six Sigma in a clear, practical way with MindPro Wizard® videos, slides, spreadsheets, and resources.


Educational Packets

Clear and practical content topically written by Dr. Mikel J. Harry himself.

Lecture Slides

Helpful illustrations and diagrams for visual learners.


In-depth transcriptions and notes to supplement your Six Sigma training.

Educational Packets

Add Dr. Harry's personal tools to your arsenal as you analyze complex data.

Video Lessons

Lectures from Dr. Harry - learn directly from the co-creator of Six Sigma.


Real examples designed to help you practically apply your knowledge.

Being responsible for the success of new products was a stressful job. Six Sigma gave me the tools to focus on the issues that needed the most attention, and it gave me the facts to represent the issues with clarity. All in all, it helped me sleep easier at night.

- Dave Antis, Product Launch Manager


Help your team identify and solve critical problems in less time with Six Sigma breakthrough strategy. Bring value to every meeting while boosting morale and productivity.

Stand Out

In today’s highly competitive workplace MindPro® Wizard puts you a step ahead so you can stand out from the crowd.


Save valuable time with Dr. Harry’s tools to streamline your analysis. You’ll be more thorough, create more value, and eliminate defects and non-value adding processes.

Stay Sharp

No matter your level of success, continue to be outstanding with the MindPro® Wizard. Stay up to date with the latest Six Sigma breakthrough strategies - the best never rest.

Get access to Dr. Mikel J. Harry's personal Six Sigma toolbox today!

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