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SSMI Europe

The Six Sigma Management Institute was founded by Dr. Mikel J. Harry, the main architect of Six Sigma and international expert in this field. After 35 years of successful practice, his competency-based knowledge was used to design and develop world-class training programs.


Lean and Six Sigma methodologies are the most breakthrough management strategies that any company can undertake. Trained individuals will not only acquire practical skills to solve highly profitable business issues but also engage the same problem-solving philosophy adopted by the most successful companies in the world.


The Six Sigma Management Institute is committed to providing the highest quality Lean Six Sigma training programs, all of which are designed by the most respected authority in the field, Dr. Mikel J. Harry.



Learn more about our founder and father of Six Sigma,  Dr. Mikel J. Harry.

Executive Master Black Belt, the highest qualification in the field of Lean Six Sigma

Find out about e-learning platform MindPro. Everything you need to master Six Sigma.

Our method​

Whether you are an individual or a company, choosing to learn and apply Lean Six Sigma will be the most valuable investment you have ever made for yourself and for your employees.
According to your goal, the Six Sigma Management Institute offers you two different paths to help you step into the world of Lean Six Sigma. 

Classroom Training

Whether you are an individual or a company, the first stage that must be completed is the Training. You can choose between four different programs: Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt and White Belt. While for the Individual Path the training will be conducted in our classes in Canary Wharf, companies can choose to train their employees in-house.



At the end of each Training, all the participants will be subject to a closed-book examination that will give them the opportunity to obtain the chosen Lean Six Sigma certification. Those who will successfully pass the exam with more than 70% will be internationally recognized as Lean Six Sigma Belts, one of the most valuable professional certificates in the world.


Belt Internship


Those individuals who will obtain the Black Belt Certificate will be eligible to apply to the Belt Internship Program, a unique opportunity to field-test your capabilities in real Six Sigma project with our clients. On the other hand, companies who would like to apply straight-away the new methodology in their business can request support from SSMI on their Project Selection. Our consultants will identify improvement opportunities and help you choose the ones with the highest impact on your business.

Project Selection


Upon completion of the Belt Internship Program, the candidates will be evaluated by our Master Black Belts on their performance and the results achieved. Those candidates who demonstrated outstanding skills will be recruited as full-time or freelance consultants for SSMI Europe to provide support for Lean Six Sigma training and projects. Companies, instead, who would like to expand the use of Lean Six Sigma within their business, can request coaching a mentoring support from SSMI to help them achieve their "Breakthrough". 

Coaching & Mentoring

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